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No Mercy 

​Pre show

Decent enough tag match. I’m not a fan of these “let’s put all the wrestlers that aren’t in other matches onto one big match type matches but it was decent enough. I’d rather have seen AA vs Vaudvillians or Ascension tbh.

World Championship Triple Threat. Bizarre that this was first match. I hear it was due to the presidential debate. It seemed very odd. The match was pretty good, but I was left a tad confused by the booking. When the bell rang I didn’t know if it had become a singles match or what. Some great wrestling on show from all 3 superstars. There seems to be a lot of focus on Cena’s strength these days, the commentary team spent a lot of time talking about it and Big Show picked Cena out as the strongest wwe superstar on a recent table for 3 episode. This makes me wonder if they might be building for Cena to do something incredible with a feat of strength. Not sure what yet. Maybe beat Brock? This is certainly something I could see them do, but not something I would do! I’d rather an up and coming superstar was the one to do it.

Nikki vs Carmella
Great match. Short and sharp. I felt it managed to get Carmella over as a serious player in the woman’s division despite the finish. Some great wrestling from both women. It’s amazing how good Nikki Bella is now considering how she was when she first showed up. The women’s division is looking healthy on both shows.

Tag titles.

I loved this match. I think heath slater is performing better in the ring than he ever has before and he finally has a gimmick that is working for him. His style complements Rhyno perfectly and I think they have bridged the gap between comedy tag team and in ring performers really well. I hope they keep hold of the belts a while longer. I had become bored by the Usos, but I feel the heel turn has reinvigorated them in and out of the ring.

Corbin vs Swagger – neither of these are particular favourites of mine. I do however see Corbin as someone who could fulfill the mid card heel role Kane has held for a long time. As it is, I wasn’t particularly excited by this match, but I have to admit that when it came to it I did enjoy the match a bit more than I thought it would. Built the story from where it was an made me like both guys a little more.

Miz vs Ziggler. What an awesome match. And boy did the WWE play a blinder in the build up. All sorts of rumours were leaked about Dolph not wanting to re sign, WWE eyeing a backstage role for him, Dolph prefering his other jobs, not liking the schedule etc etc and I kinda believed he was gone. These two are phenomenal wrestlers and they put on something special. I had heard false rumours that this would main event, and it would have been a worth main event match. I’m sad Miz won’t hold the title longer, but glad Dolph isn’t leaving. I’d like to see Miz pushed into the world title picture now. I really like that he’s added Daniel Bryans moves to his move set, nd loved all the references – even the hat tip to Bryan’s indie days when Dolph git to the ropes and he shouted “I have til 5” at the ref. This was the match of the night for me, and I’d certainly agree with Dolph on talking smack when he said it should have main evented! 

Alexa vs Naomi. Both these ladies are talented wrestlers. Naomi has shown so for a while and I feel Alexa has really come into her own since joining the main roster. I thought this was a great match, and the fact we had 2 good quality women’s matches on a smack down only pay per view really shows how much of a revolution there has been within the WWE. I was a little disappointed with the result though. It seems strange to have the number 1 contender lose in such a soft finish.

Bray vs Orton – this match has had an awesome build up. Bray has revitalised himself recently which was needed as the wyatt family were growing stale. I thought the match was ok. It could have been much better and i was disappointed with the ending. I had hoped Harper would go to raw, not because smack down didn’t need him – it does – but because I would like to see him have a chance at a singles run.

John Cena

Recently I rewatched an old old match from smack down, where some kid called John Cena took on Kurt Angle’s open challenge. The match itself was amazing, and it really got me thinking about things.

Cena was, is, a talented wrestler. There was a rather long period in the middle of his career where he perhaps became over reliant in a small subset of his moves, but all throughout he gave us amazing matches. Vs RVD at One Night Stand, Vs CM Punk at Sumerslam, tons of others. He’s consistently produced great matches, and the last 2 years have seen him at his best in the ring, in my opinion – his Sumerslam match with AJ perhaps being his best ever.

He was loved. I was lucky enough to attend Wrestlemania XX and he opened the show challenging Big Show for the US Title and the crowd went wild. Cena, cena, cena was chanted on mass for the whole match. He must still be well loved in some circles,  as he is still the top merch seller, but he now receives boos and John Cena Sucks chants at most live shows.

His mix skills are superb, they always has been. He knows how to play a crowd. Even know he does it, he can wind them up to Cena Sucks or let’s go Cena chants, or both simultaneously, at the drop of a hat.

So what went wrong?

I’m inclined to think he may have got a little stale. When he burst on the scene he was a little edgy and pushed the limits at times. But as his popularity grew he became more clean cut, and was held up as a hero more, and started to “pander” more. I think it was this, coupled with said over reliance on a reduced move set, that may have done it.  Coupled with some bad booking – for which I don’t think he can be blamed. 

Is there a way back?

Last tuesday he came out at the beginning of smack down to a heavy, heavy chorus of boos and John Cena Sucks chants. But he cut his promo a little differently. He had a bit of that old edge going and he really ripped Ambrose. The crowd changed. By the end of the segment he was getting all the chants and the laughs. At the end of the night he was getting the cheers and Ambrose got a ton of heat for hitting him with dirty deeds.

Cena has been around a while,  and is one of the most successful ever. He clearly works hard and is still improving even know. I think he’s certainly done enough to be talked about as a future hall of famer. On top of that, he seems like a genuinely great guy. He has no qualms about putting guys over (Kevin Owens beat him on his first night, he gave Enzo and Cass a leg up on NxT, using his open challenge to give guys a shot – similar to the shot he got from Kurt Angle in his open challlenge etc) and he has made more wishes with the make a wish foundation that anyone, ever.

I hope to see him stick around for a while, to see him win back the crowd permanently he did on Tuesday, to have some amazing matches with the superstars of the new era and pass on some of that knowledge.