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Silent Nightmare 3: Wreck the halls

I was unable to attend this event, which had a great card and was local to me, so I’ve been waiting excitedly for the dvd to arrive, it has and I’ve finally gotten to see it!

HT Drake vs Lightning Lewis

Solid well paced opening match. HT Drake is class and I am very much looking forward to seeing him take on Jimmy Havoc at Wipeout, as announced after the match. His winning streak has been impressive but it could be his toughest challenge yet. Lightning Lewis was a good opponent who I’d not seen before but I hope to see more of.

Lil Miss Roxy vs Lana Austin vs Ruby Summers

The match was started by the news Champion Violet O’Hara was not cleared to wrestle and had to forfeit the title. This meant the match became a triple threat between 3 amazing wrestlers to crown a new champ.

This was an enjoyable match which gave all three competitors a chance to show their stuff. I’m glad to see Lana take the belt as I think she’s been consistently great for a while and well deserving of a run.

Dara Diablo vs Kyle Ashmore

I’ve not seen much of these two before so didn’t really know what to expect. I was impressed with both guys and enjoyed the match. I hope to see more of both soon

JD Boom vs Jack Sexsmith

I’ve seen a bit I’d Sexsmith before, I genuinely enjoy most of his stuff, although occasionally I feel he goes too far for a cheap laugh. This match had a few of those moments in it. Although there was some good bits intertwined.

The Service & Dan Evans vs Go Team Sports & Gabriel Kidd

David Graves is one of my favourite up and coming wrestlers in the UK, and all 5 of the other guys in this match are excellent too so I was looking forward to this one.

It was a good match. Unsurprisingly David Graves was the stand out competitor but all 6 guys put in solid performances.

Liam Slater vs Bubblegum – TCW Open Championship 

Now we are getting to the business end of the show and the match quality was about to jump up a notch. This was a great match by two superb wrestlers. I very much enjoyed it. The aftermath involving the service was good and I look forward to seeing Slater vs Only if and when it happens.

Rampage Brown vs Dave Mastiff – TCW Championship 

I saw these two go at it in PROGRESS recently an it was awesome so I was hoping for the same from this. It was another great match, although it was, like a few other matches in the card, a tad shorter than I’d have liked.

Main Event: New Nation vs The Proven – TCW Tag Titles

This was a great match between two teams that I love. It’s a shame there was a no rematch clause as I could watch this feud forever. I hope to see a lot more of these 4. I see a big future for both members of the new nation in particular.

General thoughts:

Another solid show from Tidal. There is a lot of strength in depth in the roster. 

It’s a shame Dan James has now retired. I enjoy his matches.

A lot of the matches on this card felt a little short. It may have been better to have a match or two less and let each match go a tad longer, although I can’t think of a match that should have been cut. I imagine extending the length of the show wasn’t an option.

The next TCW show is Wipeout next week, and the card is stacked to the roof! Should be a cracker, it’s at “the church” on leeds and if you are local.you should definitely get there.

Each dawn I die

On Sunday night Tidal Championship Wrestling returned to Leeds. I was torn between this great show in my hometown and the double header of “Queen of the ring” and “Kirbymania” that southside had on down the road in Sheffield. I’m sure they were both awesome,  but I thoroughly enjoyed Tidal and was not disappointed to have made that choice.

The first match pitted the 80 minute man David Graves vs Boris Koslov

It was a great opening match. Comedy elements and some great moves were on show  from both wretlers. The crowd had fun and there was an almighty pop when Boris hit a side Russian leg sweep! Boris came out swigging vodka and fave us some great heel work. 

Women’s tag match, Xia Brookside and Lizzie Styles vs Little Miss Roxy and Lanarkshire Austin

Superb match, great wrestling on show fromantic all 4 competitors. Xia really lives up to the Brookside name and it’s incredible how God she is at such a young age, I see a bright future for her. 

I did, however, think Lana and Roxy stole the show, especially Lanarkshire,  who was one of the best heels I’ve seen in a long time, playing the crowd and the ref perfectly. 
Armbar superstar Dan James vs HT Drake

Good match but perhaps a tad short. Both player the crowd well and  Drake is massively agile and showed some great moves off. Sean Only came out and interfered on behalf of stablemate Dan James and build on a feud for future matches.

Sakamoto vs Liam Slater

Great match. LI am Slater is the Open champion and the title is normally contested under WoS rules in a 3 mine round format, i had been expecting that but this match was in a normal format. I think that is better as thw round format can stifle the match sometimes. There were some really big hitting moves in this match. Liam slater is massively impressive. He’s a high flyer with awesome wrestling ability.  Sakamoto is great Japanese strong style wrestle who has some moves that look incredibly painful. Both wrestlers worked the crowd well and the match was very enjoyable.

Xander cooper vs Matt Myers 

Good match with some great crowd banter. Myers came out as Sam Zayn and mocked some of his moves which was pretty cool. There was a well worked Low blow finish that build on the great story the wrestling had told. 

Jackie Polo vs Ace Mathews

Great heel promo to start from Jackie and he continued to wind up the crowd expertly throughout the match.

It was a good solid match. Great move sets on show from both wrestlers and  both worked crowd well. The match was made even beer by David Graves management of Ace.

Tag match – New Nation vs Massimo and Chase.
This was the match I was most looking forward to. New Nation are superb wrestlers who didn’t disappoint.in this match. I’d not seen massimo and chase before, but they worked well against new nation and the styles contrasted really well. Jason Prime was the standout for me in this match, but all 4 wrestlers were great and the match was awesome.

The main event – Rampage Brown vs Wolfgang. Rampage is the current champion and continues to put in fantastic matches. I’d say he was in the top 2 or 3 big UK wrestlers at the moment. Wolfgang is not someone I’d seen before, but he showed that he too is a great wrestler and whoever put these 2 together really gave us all a treat. A great end to a great show. 

I can’t wait till today come back on November 20th!