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Melbourne City Wrestling

A little while ago I was talking to a friend about the possibility that he might move to Australia. We discussed (what we believed at the yime ro be) the lack of great wrestlers and feds. Then in December’s wrestlecrate I got a free show from Melbourne City Wrestling. It was ther “Best of 2016”, it’s 3 and a half hours long and it’s phenomenal..we had been terribly wrong in our discussion. I don’t know what we were thinking to be honest, Australia produces world beating superstars at every other sport – of course they would produce good wrestlers!

Slex vs Tyler Bate (January)

Great match, massively bizarre to hear aussie accents commentating on wrestling! First time I have seen Slex, he is a great wrestler that I hope to see more of him. Tyler Bate I have seen more of, although usually as part of a tag team. He looked great in this match and reminds me more and more of a young Doug Williams – who incidentally is one of my favourite wrestlers for all time. Great match.

Dowie James vs Adam Brooks (Feb)

This match was for the “Inter-Commonwealth” Title.  These two are both brilliant. The match was fast paced and told a great story of two former tag partners, and best friends, torn apart by jealous of a singles title.  The commentators elevated a fantastic match to another level for me by feeding the back story to certain moves and to the feud. I’d love to see more of both of these guys.

The Estate vs Juice-X-T (March)

What an amazing match! Two teams of great wrestlers who put on one hell of a match. Fantastic heel work from the estate. Great bits of tag wrestling, cutting the ring in half, hot tags, distracting the ref to get an illegal advantage. And then there was a brand new twist on a classic sleight of hand Eddie Gurrero move. Ace match, I hope to see more of both these teams. I’d especially love to see The Estate take on the London Riots!

Kellie Skater vs Kelly Anne (April)

Great fast paced start. Well worked match from 2 super talented wrestlers. The crowd were into it and it was a real back and forth that was a great advert for the MCW women’s division and for women’s wrestling as a whole.

Sid Parker vs Locky Hendrix (April)

Great video package filling in the back story. Locky “not medically cleared” but here for a fight hardcore brawl. Great heel work from Sid Parker. Brutally destroying each other for the majority of the match, but enough great moves for it still to be an awesome wrestling match, not just weapons for weapons sake. They continued the storytelling from the videoe package, and they was complemented by the awesome commentary team who called the shots phenomenally, helping to sell every move as well as filling in back story as we went. This was an amazingly brutal and great wrestling match.

Elliot Sexton vs Hartley Jackson (April -Ballroom Brawl)

Good match between 2 heavyweights. I felt the actual match ended before it really had chance to shine, but what was there was good. The aftermath was brutal. TMDK showing how a real brutal heel stable can destroy a locker room, and a referee, and a wrestling ring!

Dowie James vs Jonah Rock (May)

Solid match between two good workers. A classic monster heel vs lighter baby face. Told a great story and had a good finish for the story.

TMDK (Slex and Marcus Pitt) vs Panic (Sid Parker and Psycho Cowboy) (July)

This was an awesome match in which all 4 competitors showed real talent for wrestling. There was some great spots, some superb matt sections, great tag team work,  an awesome hot tag and some great storytelling. Sid Parker may very well be becoming one if my favourite wrestlers.

Josh Shooter vs Mark Davies vs Robbie Eagles (June)

Great match from 3 wrestlers would like to see more of. All three very talented and worked a great triple threat match. Great spots and great ability on show all round

Evie vs Kelly Anne (September)

Solid fast paced match. Some good spots, awesome back and forth and some great heel work from Kelly Anne. Another great advert for women’s wrestling.

Mr Juicy vs Jonah Rock – August

Two behemoths collide.  Some awesome power moves on show in a well worked match that told a great story that had had the back story laid out well in a video package and by the commentators. Both these guys are also really agile and there were some brilliant high flying moments too. This was quite an awesome match to end what looked like a great feud.

Mary Scurll vs Mark Davis – Semi final of Melbourne City Invitational -October

Awesome match – of course it was, it had Marty Scurll in it! Both wrestlers looked good. Some classic Scurll moves and I was enthralled the entire time. Match started at 100mph and didn’t slow down. The commentators informed me that there is a Marty Scurll vs Adam Brooks match in MCW, and this has just been added to the top ofy “matches to watch” list.

Robbie Eagles vs Ryan Rollins vs Adam Brooks

Amazing match. Three phenomenal wrestlers who put on a great show. some great mat moves and some superb high flying stuff. Great ending.

All in all this was 3 and a half hours of amazing wrestingaches and it has ignited an interest in me to see more MCW matches and events. I’m going to start with Scurll Brooks but I intend to watch a lot of MCW in 2017, and I hope to see a lot of these guys hit the UK.

Progress 35 – Writing Nirvana on other peoples bags

So I finally got round to watching progress 35. And what a show! Progress is, in my opinion, the best British promotion by far. The talent, the being and the match quality are awesome and unlike some if the other big British promotions they run mainly off their roster with the odd import making a rare appearance.

The show kicked off with. “British Strong Style” – which was Pete Dunne and Trentham Severn,against Damien Dunne and Tyler Bate. This was building on events from progress 33 where Pete and tent turned in their respective partners mid match. This was a great opening match, some massive spots and it was well worked throughout, telling a good story.  I love that Trentham and Tyler are feuding despite holding the Chikira tag titles. The only problem I have with this match is that it means no singles match for Pete Dunne – who is fast becoming a firm favourite of mine.
Match 2-Nixon Newell vs Alex Windsor – this was a good solid match that was well worked. Nixon Newell is an impressive wrestler who I’ve seen twice recently and can’t wait to see more of. Alex Winsor is also a cracking performer and the match was great. I like the fact Progress are finally building towards a women’s title and expanding the women’s division. I’m hoping for Nixon Newell vs Pollyanna in the near future.

4way – great match but a tad shorter than it should have been. Jack Gallagher great as ever, his tie up move is my current favourite. Zack Gibson getting a car stereo was absolutely hilarious.

Joe Coffey vs Dave mastiff – great big guys match. I’m loving the Atlas tournament  (you may have guessed by the name of the blog!) And I love that the Progress mid card title is for big guys, this shows how wrestling has changed over the years. I always think, while watching his matches, that one who looks like Dave Mastiff should be that agile!

Will Ospreay vs Shane Strickland – what a match! On most cards this would have been the match of the night by a mile. Brilliant agility on show from both, brilliant heel work from will and an alround great match that showed it all. The crowd chanted “Both these guys” and it seemed very fitting.

Weirdly, Will apologised for the heel behaviour,which left me with unanswered questions about his reasoning. 

Haskins vs Whiplash – a great match, and some killer heel mic work from whiplash to start. I hear a lot of negative things about haskins, but I’ve yet to see him have anything other than a brilliant match. I wouldn’t be too upset if he dethroned the Villain at Brixton. 

Rampage vs T Bone – team single square off! Two of the best British heavy weights gave us an incredible mat h and I can’t wait for the AtLas final at Brixton!

Marty Scurll vs Mark Andrews. Marty seems to be continually unable to restless aarch that will not be a candidate for match of the year. The whole thing was brilliant start to finish, the moves, the spot’s,  the story line, hitting a powerbomb into a chicken wing. Match of the night and a great great performance from two great wrestlers.

Superb show, and it really sets up things for chapter 36 in Brixton, which looks to have an amazing card  that we know already will feature 

Joe Coffey vs Rampage Brown

Zack Sabre Junior vs Tomasso Ciampa (3 falls)

Women’s 6 man –  Alex Windsor, Dahlia Black and Jinny vs Nixon Newell, Laura Di matter and Pollyanna 

8 man tag Moser, Andrews, Dennis and Gallagher vs The Origin

Sebastian vs The Pastor

London Rit’s vs British Strong Style

Scurll Vs Haskins Vs Tommy F****** End 

What a line up. I’m already excited and can’t wait!