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World of Sport

I wasn’t sure what to think when I heard WoS was returning for a one off special/pilot. It was previously an institution, but I was a tad worried that this was just one of the major networks trying to cash in on the Renaissance we have seen in UK wrestling over the last few year. Nevertheless I was excited to see it.​

Mastiff Grado

The first match was a championship match, which seemed a little odd, but in reality it was there to set up the narrative of the night, something that was important in the context of the show. The put on a solid but short match. Their larger than life characters were sold well and it set up.the story well. 

The crowd felt forced or even canned at time’s,  this was true all through the show, and I couldn’t work outo why as there was clearly wrestling fans there.

CJ Banks, Kenny Williams, Sam Bailey, Danny Hope 

Nice to see Danny with a Trav black armband on. Sam Bailey showing shades of McGuiness with certain moves. 4 talented workers showcasing skills in a short match

Viper v Alexis Rose

Solid match from two talented women. Viper playing heel well. I’d only seen her play face before.I was surprised to hear that WoS had never had an all female match in its previous run.

Coffey Brothers vs Ashton Smith and Rampage Brown

Great match. Worked well. Nice to see all 4 shine. I’ve not seen Ashton and Rampage tag together before buthe they looked to have a decent chemistry about them. Rampage looks good as a heel but I prefer him face.

Ligero vs Gibson

Great match, super skills on show from both combatants. Gibson always impresses me and is one of the best technical wrestlers we have in the UK. El Ligero is my favourite comedy wrestler, but unlike some comedy wrestlers, he’s much more than that. And in this match he was showing his more serious side, which combines a great technical moves with some high flying antics. Great match, probably match of the night for me.

Battle Royal

Nice battle royal well booked. Seemed odd that all but 1 started in the ring. Was good to see Harry Smith put in an appearance. I’ve not seen him for age and I’m glad he game in and have a homage to his dad with the moves. I’d have quite liked him to win as I reckon he’d work a great match with big Dave.

Mastiff Grado again.

Not bad again, very short and the finish made Mastiff look weak but it finished off the narrative that had been built throughout the night.

Overall views 

It looked an felt more like a TV show than a wrestling show. The lighting was weird and the crowd were weird. There were enough t shirts on show to convince me the majority if them were actually wrestling fans, but it felt like they were being stage managed as opposed to being allowed to be fans. The cheering and booing felt forced in places and the chanting did too. The signs were obviously planted and seemed daft and the choreographed foam finger waving was annoying.

The way they booked the show to set up a nara time was good,  must have taken a lot if thinking about how they could build for the payoff at the end of 2 hours when most promotions would do it over a few months. 

Grado as the main face seemed a choice made out of the idea that he’d be most well.know from his TNA profile. Which I guess is understandable.

I enjoyed the show, and I think it may be a way to bring in more people to watching wrestling, which I’m all for. But I don’t think it was as good as PROGRESS or ICW or others,  however that may be because it’s aimed at a different sort of fan.

I hope it gets picked up a’s. I’d like to see wheresults they go with it.

​Progress Chapter 36 – We’re gonna need a bigger room…. Again!

A few weeks ago Progress Wrestling, my favourite promotion, held their biggest ever show. It was held at Brixton Academy and was massive in every way.  Last week I finally got around to watching it.

Match 1: Rampage Brown vs Joe Coffey, Atlas tournament final.

I’ve very much enjoyed the Atlas tournament, a tournament to crown a new champion which is only open to wrestlers over 205 lb. The whole thing has been fantastic and these two have stood out even amongst such a strong field. The match had everything you would expect from these two phenomenal big fellas and  it is great to a fellow Leeds lad hold another title.

Match 2: Six women tag match – Jinny, Alex Windsor and Dahlia Black vs Pollyanna, Laura di Matteo and Nixon Newell.

Some amazing talent on show in this match, all 6 of these ladies are phenomenal wrestlers and this has really whet my appetite for the forthcoming natural progression series which will crown th inaugural women’s champion. It is my hope that Jinny wins that tournament and takes a length reign as champion, she is one of the best heels in the country.

Match 3: London Riots vs British Strong Style

Two of my favourite tag teams facing off for the tag titles, this match was always going to be awesome an dit surpassed even my expectations. The riots are a phenomenal team who have the art of tag team wrestling nailed and British Strong Style are a very young team but of two wrestlers who are no strangers to tag team wrestling and who are both very talented. On most another cards this would have been the match of the night without a doubt, but with some of the events that were to come it was probably only 3rd – which says more about the quality of the card than anything else. A surprise result at the end, possible due to Rob Lynch carrying an injury, but either way, I’m looking forward to seeing how British Strong Style’s story progresses, and I’m definitely looking forward to the rematch, which I hope will come in Sheffield.

Match 4: Paul Robinson vs Chuck Mambo

Bonus match! Which is always good. I’ve not seen a great deal from either of these wrestlers before so it’s good to get to know them better. I enjoyed the match and I look forward to seeing more of both these wrestlers. 

Match 5: Zack Sabre Junior vs Tomaso Ciampa – 2 out of 3 falls.

This was, as you might expect, a phenomenal match. Both of these wrestlers are incredible and have shown how incredible recently at big events such as the Cruiserweight Classic and the Battle of Los Angeles. The match was the rubber in the series and the whole thing was awesome from start to finish. They showed off their skills, told a great story and really showed a new level of intensity. Plus the booking was clever, to have the first fall a draw an put us at 1-1 was a unique idea. It was good to see a local hero go over, but in the end, the real winners were the audience. I can’t believe that I’m about to type this about a match this good, but it was only the second best match of the night (in my opinion).

Match 6: FSU, Damon Moser and Jack Gallagher  vs The Origin

This match was another incredible match. Zack Gibson is the hottest heel in wrestling at the moment and the whole of the of the Origin are phenomenal at building heat. FSU are a great fun tag team, Moser is intense and Gallagher is, well, extraordinary. The match was full of awesome sections, great spots and great wrestling, It continued the story that had been building, continued to get over the origin as a great heel stable and  had some incredibly funny moments (the car stereo made a reappearance!). This was another match that would have been match of the night on many other cards, and the fact it doesn’t even make my top 3 shows just how phenomenal Progress is at the moment. I can’t wait to see Zak Gibson fight for the title next time out.

The Main Event: Marty Scurll vs Tommy End vs Mark Haskins

This match was, for me, the match of the night. Three incredibly talented young men showing us what pro wrestling is all about. Some massive bumps, some great three way spots, some awesome story-telling and brilliant feud building. For vast periods it looked as though Haskins was just there to make up numbers, but he just kept coming back and nothing could keep him down. Then, just as you thought it couldn’t get any better Jimmy ********g Havoc arrives! All three wrestlers involved in the match deserve all the praise they get, and Haskins deserves the plethora of titles he seems to be carrying recently. I look forward to seeing him defend his title, I look forward to seeing Tommy End in WWE and I really look forward to seeing Jimmy Havoc vs Marty Scurll, if and when it happens….

What an event. What a promotion. This.Is.Wrestling. This.Is.Awesome. This.Is.Progress.