TIDAL: Our Time Down Here

Sunday’s are best when there is a Tidal show on. This was the second event in new home Temple of Boom, and unlike last time there was seating available which made it a much more relaxing Sunday. A couple of big names had pulled outvof the show, but the card was still stacked and it was a great experience.

Brady Phillips vs Stealth vs Visage

Brady is a wrestler I first saw last year in a multiman match for TIDAL. I remember thinking at the time he stood out as being act above and he has continued to impress me since. Stealth was also someone I was fairly impressed by in a multiman match last year, possibly the same match. And visage is someone who is new to me. All three can wrestle well, Visage has a great character that I hope to see develop at TIDAL and the match was a great opener. I did feel that Brady again stood out as the best of the bunch.

El Ligero vs Soner Dursun

This was a rematch from a previous show. Soner is and excellent heel and I thought played the part well. Aye he debuted in Tidal last year in not sure if he was supposed to be a heel, but the fact he was from mamchestergained him heat and he certainly ran with it. This match was excellent. Soner is really good, and its no secret that I think Ligero is one of the top 10 wrestlers in the world at the moment. Great match, told a good story and after plus a later segment meant it looks like we will see them face off again.

Chief Deputy Dunne vs Sean Only

Sean has recently had a face turn in Tidal, where previously he was the top heel. He is still finding his feet character wise as a face but he has made subtle changes to his persona and style and in ring is looking like he could be a top face sooner rather than later. Dunne is a great worker who is experienced and great at drawing heat. Another great match.

Lion Kings vs Aussie Open

This was an I treating line up. Putting internationally renowned tag tag Aussie open, fresh from matches withSanadaand Evil amongst others,against the lion kings. A local team that haven’t been teaming long at all. This was a cracking match. Probably my favourite if the night. Some great team work, excellent wrestling and stealth splattering if storytelling and comedy. Superb.

Luke Menzies vs Sheik El Sham

Menzies continues to impress. Moving from strength to strength looking more impressive by the match. His opponent today was a great worker who drew heat from the crowd, a great match and a finish which left the crowd baying for the blood of usually Baby face ref Cowboy John Parker.

Lil Miss Roxxy vs Rhio vs Shauna Shay

Roxxy is a stalwart of the local scene and the defending TIDAL WOMEN’S CHAMPION. Shauna Shay was making her second appearance and looked great last time, and Rhio is someone I’d not seen before but know has had success in PCW. This match was great. The 3 ladies worked well and out in agreed match that at different point a had me thinking a win was coming for each one.

Dave Mastiff vs H T Drake

This was a cracker. Mastiff is one of the UKs top heavyweights and Drake is becoming a star in many UK markets. This took the usual tidal main event approach of brawling through the crowd, but when all was said and done they were back. A great match.

Overall I loved the show, great matches, a great atmosphere and not one bit of stupid, ridiculous overlooking of finishers that seems so prevalent today

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