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Tag team revolution?

Over the last few years we have seen an explosion of amazing tag team wrestling. The Briscoes,  The Young Bucks, Wentz and Xavier, Warmachine, Gallows and Anderson, The Revival, American Alpha, London Riots, Team Single, FSU, DIY the list goes on.Everywhere you look tag team wrestling is being done well and given proper time and and proper push.

Almost everywhere. 

All the indies Andrew getting it right, New Japan, RoH, hell even TNA in the midst of falling apart had the tag title match  steal the show at Bound for Glory. On NXT tag matches have stolen the show at every takeover this year. There seems to be only one place that tag teams are not being taken seriously and that place is the WWE main roster.

On raw the New Day have been worthy champions and have put on some good matches, but Tey haven’t been given adequate time for matches on Pay Per Views. The division has two cracking teams in Enzo and Cass, and Gallows and Anderson, but it’s a hastily thrown together team of Sheamus and Cesaro who have been given the most recent chances.

Over on Smackdown,  the division includes American Alpha, The Vaudvillians and The Ascension who all showed on NXT that they are capable of amazing matches, and the Usos who carried the division previously. However the titles were given in the first instance to a hastily thrown together team of Heath Slater and Rhyno, and it looks like they might go next to Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton. Even they hype brothers have had more chances than American Alpha.

When the rest of the world are getting it so right, why is it that the biggest company in the world are getting it so wrong?

Survivor Series

Survivor series, usuallymy least favourite of the big four, mainly because of the traditional survivor series matches. Not because I hatell the concept, rather it’s down to the fact that I’ve seen far too many terrible with three on the card, I wasn’t expecting too much 

Women’s match

Good opening match. Some great wrestling on show. I feel Alexa and Sasha were the two who stood out. Nia was further built as a monster and it laid great groundwork for Charlotte vs Bayley feud.

IC Title match

Miz and Sami are currently two of my favourite WWE wrestlers so I thought this match was a cross brand treat. They put on a great match that told a great story and built more heat for Miz and Maryse.

Tag teams match

This was the match I was looking forward to least, but I was pleasantly surprised. It included some great wrestling from all competitors, some great building of heath slaters story and cesaro and sheamus. There was some great tag moves and some brilliant multi man spots. I very much enjoyed the match and thought the ending was superbly worked.

CW Title

This was a great match. Both wrestlers lofted their game and it showed that Kalisto would be a great addition to the CW division. I think this was probably the best match we’ve seen from the cruiserweights since they arrived on the main roster. I wasn’t a fan of the finish though.

Mens match

Oh. My. Word. What a match. Perfectly paced. Perfectly build. Amazing wrestling sections, amazing spots,  a shield reunion, loads of different stories told well and intertwined.

As I said earlier, this type of match is often done really badly, but these guys put on a solid hours worth of gold. Match of the night and quite probably the best traditional survivor series match I’ve ever seen.

The main event

Everybody is talking about it. The beast was squashed. A lot of what I have read is negative about this, but I disagree. It’s the perfect way to book this. Brockley was complacent. He didn’t expect to be pushed over, he didn’t expect to be hit with a spear as he was getting up. He sold the spear well and the second spear then looked too much. Jackhammer and bang, 1 2 3. This won’t hurt Brock, a loss in a long battle would have. And a loss for Goldberg would have ruined his return – would have only been OK if it was a one off which it isn’t now.

Plus, I have always loved the build up to Goldberg matches but never the matches themselves (except one with DDP many moons ago).

All in all, a much much better event than I was expecting, and one that has left me excited to see how certain storylines continue.

NXT Takeover Toronto 

Roode vs Dillinger

Great opening match. Roodes entrance was phenomenal. Great wrestling match with two talented wrestlers both massively over with the crowd. Perfect start.

Authors of Pain vs TM61

Good solid match. TM61 showed at times why they were so well thought of on the indie scene. Ellering in a cage raised above the ring had shades of the last battle of atlanta about it.

Revival vs DIY

Great first fall. All about wrestling. Second fall included hot tags and a Hart attack, and built the story well. The final fall had everything you could have wanted. Great storytelling,  great wrestling, great spots, great heel work, great injury story and tag teams hitting each others finishers. Awesome, awesome match.

Asuka vs Mickie

Awesome to see Mickie back on WWE. These two are both phenomenal wrestlers. The match told.the story of “past” vs “future”, Mickie the seasoned champion returning and at times seem g to school Asuka who fought back to over come. Great match, although I’d have liked it to be a little longer. Rumours abound that Mickie has been offered a full time contract, here’s hoping she accepts, maybe has a rematch, but promptly heads to the main roster.

Nakamura vs Joe

Joe has been impressing me for over a decade and a half and he continues to do so.  the guy is phenomenal in all aspects of wrestling, mat wrestling, submissions, power moves, the guy has it all. Nakamura is the king of strong style and these two put on an awesome match which, in my opinion,  was better than their last one. 

I’m interested to see where they go next. Will either of them move up to the main roster? 

Great event in a massive weekend of wrestling both sides of the pennines.

Progress 38 – When men throw men at men

Last week a friend and I finally got around to watching the latest Progress chapter. Progress is my favourite promotion at the moment and I was excited for another great show.

New Nation vs Hunter Brothers

Regular readers will know that the New Nation are one of my favourite tag teams. They have a great move set, a great dynamic, a great gimmick and captivate the crowd from the get go. their look immediately drew them heel heat in this match, and their ability and performance ensured that they left to a standing ovation. It was great to see them in Progress and I hope they are booked again. I’d lock to see them take on London Riots, British Strong Style, SPPT or the origin (New nation vs London Riots for chapter 41 please!)

The hunter brother’s are and tag team I’ve not seen much of before,  but they worked and great match, their high flying style complementing the power based style of the new nation. a great start to the event.

Jinny vs Pollanna

I have seen these two fight before, so I knew it would be awesome, but it exceeded my already high expectations by a long way. It was quick, had some really innovative moves and spots,  told a great story and thoroughly entertained me. Jinny is currently challenging Liverpool’s No.1 for the greatest heel in the business and Pollyanna is a great face.  I’d say this was the match of the night – although there wereally two other awesome matches that ran it close and I’m not totally convinced which I liked best.

Pastor Bill Eaver vs Paul Robinson

Two class wrestlers put on a solid match here. It told a story well and showcasedo their talent. I couldn’t help but feel.I’d have enjoyed it more, though, if it wasn’t coming on the back of a main event show stealer!

Tables match – Bodyguy and Sexsmith vs SPPT

I’ve enjoyed this feud, it’s build and seen both sides expand. there have been some great segments and great matches. I feel that this was the best match of all, Travis at one point took a brutal chair shot to the head from Sexsmith while he was mid suicide dive in what was one of the biggest “holy shit” moments I’ve seen. The heel work is brilliant and the dynamic with all the wrestlers is great. I do, however, feel that this was a perfect way to end the feud and I hope to see both sides head in new directions. SPPT are in a No.1 contenders match for the tag titles, so I expect them to enter that picture, and I’d like to see Sexsmith and Bodyguy back in the singles picture as I feel this was a tag team that worked for the purpose of this feud, rather than lomg term. The could part as friends, or Bodyguy could turn heel on Sexsmith and set up a feud.

Rampage Brown’s open challenge 

This month the challenge was answered by Bad Bones, a German wrestler that I have not seen before. they put on a good solid match that had the crowd chanting please come back. I enjoyed the match, but it certainly wasn’t the best Rampage Brown match I’ve seen this month – that title belongs to his TCW match with AR Fox.

MAndrews vs Matt Cross

Two wrestlers up next who I’ve seen before and have always impressed. They put on a cracker that was certainly a match of the night contender. it had lots of aerial spots, as well as some excellent technical sections and some super strong style parts. Given what we found out later about Haskins, I’m not sure what happened about the smash title shot that was on the line.

The main event – Haskins vs Havoc vs Scurll

This was the third match of the night contender, as you might imagine with these three amazing wrestlers involved. it started quick,with Havoc and Scurll going at it before Haskins music even started. Haskins sprinted down and nd hit a suicide dive and the match went from strength to strength. 

Triple threat matches are hard to get right, but these three nailed it. I’m going to miss Haskins (and the greatest sharpshooter ever), and I wish him all the best for a full and speedy recovery. I also hope that Marty will be able to still compete in progress now he’s signed a new ROH contract.

All in all, an awesome event, can’t wait for the Graps of wrath.

TCW: Against all odds 3

Tonight I went to see TCW vs CZW. This was the second TCW event I’ve been to and it was an improvement on the last – which I also enjoyed.

The new nation vs Go team sports

I’d been looking forward to this match.  I love the new nation, I think they’re an awesome tag team and put some great powerful sections together. From the moment they walk out they captivated you. Henry leads the interaction and Primate leads the destruction. I’m always amazed by Primate, he’s actually quite short, but somehow manages to appear a giant and seems to dwarf his opponents event when they are bigger than he is. I’m also quite fond of Go team sports, particularly David Graves who sells moves like no other.

I thought this match was a cracking opener. It included  some great ref work, the hottest of hot tags and some great power work from new nation who also had some brilliant banter with crowd.

Referee John Myers had a big part to play in this match, as he did throughout the night, and is now on par with Steve Linsky as my favourite referee.

After the match the proven came out and we had a segment building for tag championship hardcore match at deck the halls in December where the new nation will challenge the proven for the belts.
Little Miss Roxy vs Ruby Summers

I’ve seen Roxy wrestle before, but I’d never seen Ruby wrestle despite seeing her on millions of posters and hearing rave reviews, so when she arrived as the replacement for Violet O’Hara I was made up.

To call this a match doesn’t really describe what happened. Ruby took roxy out on her way to the ring and proceeded to physically dominate throughout. It was a trail of destruction inside and out of the ring. It was an enjoyable hardcore match and Ruby worked a heel angle well despite having fans there.

Sean Only vs The Pop Punk Kid

This was another match where we only knew one of the competitors before. Sean is a great heel and the pop punk kid was a good gimmick to go up against him. Great heel work plus interference from the armbar superstar and some great wrestling from both competitors made this against enjoyable match. Liam Slater came out to save the pop punk kid against the end.

Chris Dickinson vs Dave Crist

Great hardcore match. Cristiano was joined on at ringside by stablemates Wentz and Xavier which made this a 3 on 1 hardcore match really for the majority of it. Some great spots from all 3 competitors. Great action inside and out of the ring some really stiff work on all counts. Favourite bit was Crist going through a chair betwen the top 2 turnbuckles into the ring post. This match really raised the intensity and the level of the event and it continued to rise.
HT Drake vs Joey Janella

Amazing start to second half. First half the match showed great technical ability from both wrestlers and the second half got brutal and hardcore. Superb match and both are winners in my eyes, showcasing a range of skills, telling a great story and really getting the fans onside.
The Proven vs Zachary Wentz and Dezmond Xavier

Awesome match. Great wrestling, great high flying manuvers from wentz and xavier, great power moves from the proven. Great comedy from everyone and some great heel work particularly from Wentz and stablemate Crist on the outside. Tgere were great tag team moves on show from both sides. this was, for me, the match of the night and Xavier and Wentz are fast becoming my favourite tag team.

Liam Slater vs David Starr

Great match. Brilliant  comedy start with some great fan interaction which then progressed into an awesome wrestling match that was all about wrestling. Liam Slater showed why he is so highly regarded in the north of England and Starr showed why he is where ever he goes. it wouldn’t surprise me to see these two wrestle each other on the big stage one day.
The main event: Rampage Brown vs ARE Fox

Another awesome match that kicked off at 100mph. Fox started with a suicide dive before Rampage had even gt tk the ring and we same some brutal power from bother men as the fighting spliced around the venue. Fox came off the bar and nd both were shoved into walls. they made it back to the ring and did Brown’s power met fox’s high flying skills in and did fitting end to and did great night. 

Unfortunately I can’t make the next show, but it will be awesome and I’ll be ordering the DvD asap.

Southside – Adrenaline Rush

For a while now I’ve been seeing some awesome cards announced for southside shows and wanting to see some of their events. then a few weeks ago I saw an offer that meant you could ore order 5 shows from one weekend for a knock down price. the weekend in question had 3 of the shows I had wanted to watch so I made an impulsive purchase. Today I watched the first of the 5 events, “Adrenaline Rush”…

​Joe Conners and HC Dyer vs El Ligero and Gabriel Kidd
Great way to kick off an event. I’ve seen three of these wrestle previously and always enjoyed all their matches so even though I wasn’t familiar with Dyer I figured I’d enjoy it. It was fast paced and well worked. The added dynamic of having the champion and MITB holder team was interesting too.

Jessica Havok vs Alex Windsor – Melina special guest ref

Good solid match from two seasoned performers. Very enjoyable and some good bits of tension build between Windsor and Melina – hopefully they’ll have a match.

Travis Banks v Sakamoto

Good solid match. Great heel work from Banks and some moves from Sakamoto that looked so stiff it hurt to watch!

Nixon Newell vs Chris Brooks vs Chris Tyler vs Robbie X

Incredible match. It seemed bizarre at first that a female competitor would be in a four way with three male competitors.  But then I figured that that is probably am outdated idea and that actually there is no reason why there shouldn’t be, and Nixon Newell certainly proved she can Al hang with the guys, she was a stand out performer and deserving winner in my view. The match was great, some excellent one on one wrestling and some great multi man spots.

Sami Callihan vs Chris Ridgeway

This match started at 100 miles and hour and didn’t really let up. Sami Callihan is a phenomenal performer and Chris Ridgeway proved a worth opponent. Great moments of comedy and some great bits of wrestling and fighting. Great match.

Damian Dunne vs Chris Tyler

Impromptu match, with Chris Tyler pulling double duty. Fast paced. Great spots, great story telling. Excellent match around.  Definitely glad it was added to the bill!

Bubblegum vs Rey Fenix

This was a superb match and a worthy main event. I’ve seen Bubblegum many times and ive always been impressed, but this is probably the best match of his I’ve seen. I can’t wait to see him take on Cody Rhodes in Bradford. Fenix was Phenomenal as always and I think the pair of then had styles that meshed really well together.

I thoroughly enjoyed this event and can’t wait to watch the rest of the weekend.

Progress 37 – A Sudden sense of liberty 

It’s actually been a couple of weeks since I watched this, I’ve not found time to write my views on it yet. I thought it was another awesome progress event, although probably not as awesome as the Brixton event – but it wouldn’t be would it? That  was the big one.

Bubblegum vs Chuck Mambo

I’m used to seeing Bubblegum in a PCW rung,  where he has always impressed me, but I’ve not seen him in progress before. I thought the crowd reaction was strange, given that Bubblegum was local (it was in Manchester) I thought the crowd would get behind him, but they were firmly behind Mambo. Bubblegum worked the heel angle well and these two great wrestlers put on an awesome match to open the show.

Kay Lee Ray vs Kimber Lee

Two women making their progress debuts. I’ve seen KLR wrestle before, but never Kimber Lee. The match was outstanding. both these ladies are extremely talented in ring performers and they put on a great spectacle.  I hope to see them both get involved on the women’s title picture in the future.

Fabian Aichner vs James Drake

I’d not seen Drake before, but I had seen Aichner in the CWC. I had not, however, seen how amazing he could be – there isn’t that much you can do in an under 10 minute first round match. this match was awesome, possibly the match of the night for me certainly in the top two. both guys looked incredible and I hope to see many more matches involving both of them!

Marty Scurll vs Joe Coffey vs Pete Dunne vs Trent Severn

This match includes 4 of the wrestlers I would currently listing in my top ten. The extra dynamic given by having two members of the same tag team (the tag champions no less) in a fatal four way was interesting. we saw some physical dominance from Coffey, sometc villainy awesomeness from Scurll and some excellent team work and heel work from Dunne and Severn. A very enjoyable match, a great result for me as I wanted Mary straight back in the title picture and there was an added bonus when Jimmy Havok showed up after the match!

FSU vs The Origin vs The South Pacific Power Trip

Three great teams put on a great show for us here. FSU and El Ligero gave us some high flying antics, SPPT gave us some technical brilliance and Dave Mastiff some big power moves and  showed that he is more.agile than any man that size should be!

Rampage Brown’s Atlas Title Open Challenge

The challenge was answered by Mickey Whiplash. these two are two of the best big guys around and they put on a fun, fast and power filled frenzy that was very enjoyable to watch. I hopersonally Rampage holds the title a while and continues to make it a great belt. can’t wait to see who answers the challenge next.

Mark Haskins vs Zak Gibson

Bizarrely, while watching Chapter 36 a friend and I spoke about Zak Gibson and how we both feel he’s the hottest heel in wrestling right now. He’s better than anyone at winding the crowd up with the mic, he’s a phenomenal wrestler and has a great heel.heel move set. on top of that he’s really funny and uses a car stereo as a weapon. we wee hoping, when Haskins won, that Gibson would get a shot. He didn’t disappoint. these two wrestlers are phenomenal and the match was awesome. I’d say probably the match of the night. And even thigh I’d love to see a long Gibson heel championship reign I’m glad Haskins held on for a bit longer.

Another brilliant event from Progress, currently the best promotion in my opinion.

Hell in a cell

So here we are again, the latest raw only PPV has happened and it broke new ground. There were 3 matches inside the cell, one of which was a women’s match – for the first time ever! Not only that but they closed out the PPV too – another first. 

I was a little worried before the vent that 3 HIAC matches were too much, but those involved managed to take things in significantly enough different directions for it not to be a big issue.

Roman Reigns vs Rusev 

I personally felt that clash of champions would have been the perfect end to this feud, so felt it had gone perhaps a month too long. That said I did enjoy the match, I felt these big guys brutalised each other in a way befitting the cell and despite not enjoying the match as much as I did their last one I did think it was a great start to the PPV.

Bayley vs Dana

This match was quite enjoyable. I have liked Bayley for a while and I am certainly warmingto Dana who is really growing into her heel persona. The match told a great story and the injured shoulder angle was ped really well. the one think lacking I think is the finish – I’ve never really seen the belly to belly (or bayley to belly) as a killer finisher, especially when Rhyno is currently using a much more impressive version of the move as a traditional move.

Enzo and Cass vs Gallows and Anderson

This match was great. I’m really into both these tag teams at the moment. I think they are both putting on awesome matches and building awesome characters. this match was good but I felt it was a lot shorter than it should have been. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next for these two teams.
Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins – Universal Championship 

The seconday HIAC match of the evening. these two are rightly in the title picture, being two of the best wrestlers and two of the best talkers Raw has. This match buit on the feud well and told a great story. I thought it was an extremely clever way to get Y2J involved in the match and I thought there were some brilliantly innovative spots.

Kendrick vs Perkins – Cruiserweight Championship 

This was another enjoyable match. Both these cruiserweights are excellent in ring performers and the match build the story between them well and built on Kendrick’s heel persona well too. I do think I’ve seen these two have a better match before though.

New Day vs Sheamus and Cesaro

I’ve been enjoying this storyline and I enjoyed this match. It seems to have left the door open for the feud to continue, which I’m happy about.

It seems strange  that they built this match up by having it on raw, but in the end that didn’t really affect the final outcome. I look forward to seeing whee this goes.

Sasha vs Charlotte – Women’s Championship 

This was the history making match, and for me it was the match of the night. Right from the start they took us in a direction not often seen in HIAC matches and they came up with innovative uses for the cell and for other artifacts to be used as weapons. a great match, although probably not the best Sasha vs Charlotte match I’ve seen this year. I felt it worked the injury angle well and told a great story. I did think the end was perhaps a little weak, maybe a kick out and another big move would have been better.

All in all a decent events some great matches but many that weren’t as good as previous matches between the am competitors so perhaps not as good ‘s it could have been.